Premium LECA balls • Clay Beads • Plant Propogation Substrate


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When it comes to plants I can see why. For technology that sounds like it’s from the stone age, LECA is actually quite handy in the right places. This soil-less “all-in-one” substrate means you can potentially say goodbye to; muddy re-potting days, a variety of common plant pests, and a host of typical watering problems.


  • These porous pebbles absorb moisture and allow for fantastic drainage of water from the roots of the plant.
  • Not only do they absorb moisture, they’ll absorb any nutrient solution you choose to add.
  • They can last a long time. Just wash and reuse as many times as you need. You don’t have to worry about losing nutrients through numerous washes because there aren’t any to begin with. If they lose their usefulness, you can add them to the soil of your outdoor gardens to increase aeration and organic content.
  • They’re pH neutral and rather inhospitable to bugs.
  • You can crush them to increase water retention for use in the germination stage of growing.
  • They’re inexpensive since they are cheap to make and can save you money reusing them over years.
  • The pores in the pebbles, the space between them, and their superior drainage function keeps air circulating so roots get plenty of oxygen.

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