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Asparagus Fern | Asparagus Setaceus | 12cm Pot


Evergreen perennial with upright or long, trailing branches covered with tiny, thin leaves, which give it a bushy, feathery, fluffy appearance. The plants can have small flowers or berries

  • Gorgeous, tall plant with a tree-like structure
  • Delicate, feathery leaves
  • Ideal for creating dramatic, scaled terrarium scenes
  • Technically not a fern, but actually a member of the lily family
  • Caution: Toxic to domestic pets
  • Terracotta pot not included

Care & Info. Guide:

  • In warmer regions, the fern can be easily adapted to outdoor culture, where it sometimes grows like a creeper and can even become invasive. 
  • Light: Bright, indirect sunlight
  • Water: Keep well-watered, but do not allow to stand in water
  • Temperature: Normal warm household temperatures
  • Humidity: Mist to improve humidity when grown indoors

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