Air Plant Care Kit and Guide

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Everything you need to look after your Air Plants!

Love Tillys Fertiliser - £4

This 'ready-to-use' fertiliser comes in a handy spray bottle to help you get the best from your Air Plants. Suitable for all varieties, when used every few weeks it will encourage plants to grow and flower. For best results water plants with rainwater and feed with Love Tillys Air Plant Fertiliser regularly through the growing season in Spring and Summer. Specially made for Air Plants, it is also suitable for use on Orchids and Bromeliads. 

Mister Spray Bottle - £3 

Give your Air Plants just the right amount of water with this mister spray bottle. Watering couldn't be easier with this handy spray - give your plants the TLC they deserve!

Earth & Air's Air Plant Care Guide - £1 

This cute, handy little booklet contains all the secrets to basic plant care. From getting them home to growing air plant babies - we've got you covered!

 *air plant sold separately*  

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