Closing Announcement

I am writing to sadly break the news that Earth & Air Displays will be closing. For now...

I started selling little air plant displays on Etsy, hoping to make enough money to go to an actual hairdresser! 😅

Within a year I was suddenly running a successful 6 figure business, with 7 staff and a shop in Hebden Bridge. It grew. A lot. Scaling a business quickly, as it turns out, is no easy task and not something I had any real experience in. I’ve enjoyed many successes and made quite a few mistakes too. Whichever way you cut it, it’s been a massive learning curve both personally and professionally.

Unfortunately, the climate out there continues to challenge us (and many more) and unfortunately, we can’t weather these anymore. No sooner have we begun, we’re having to close again. I’ve tried everything I possibly can to keep the shop open, but it’s just not feasible anymore.

I hope to continue supplying terrarium kits and air plant displays from home once more and continue the online store, but there will be an adjustment period. Please bear with me.

I am sad. I've cried a lot and suspect there will be more tears to come. I will miss working with Aurora and Lizzy terribly. I will miss Hebden Bridge. And I will miss serving our wonderful customers - the house plant community is so full of just the warmest and most lovely people. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you all. Thank you for supporting local and supporting small. Thank you for your patience and kindness when things haven’t been perfect. Thank you for getting us this far. It’s been a pleasure.
And always, Happy Planting 💚


Finally, some technical stuff that I’m sure will be very important to you.

- Any open online orders will be fulfilled within the next week or canceled and refunded with my sincerest apologies.
- All future workshops will be canceled and refunded. I might be able to arrange a DIY kit if preferred. Please get in touch.
- The physical shop will remain open until we’re sold out, but the hours may be sporadic
- If you're interested in continuing the brand and substantial business I have developed please get in touch.

P.S. This is a very challenging time and I'm just one person. I will respond to all emails as soon as reasonably possible, but please bear with me. Thank you.