How to Propagate Succulents from Leaves and Cuttings

Succulents can be propagated from leaves or cuttings and it's surprisingly straightforward. Follow these simple steps and you'll be growing your very own succulent farm in no time at all!
Cut & Callus
After taking a cutting, or removing a leaf, allow a callus to form before attempting propagation. This usually takes 3-7 days. I date all my cuttings to help with this.
Once a callus has formed place your cutting/leaf on a potting medium. You can use cactus and succulent mix. I like to use cocopeat and have found good results with it. Ensure the mix has some moisture to it, but isn't sodden. Depending on the plant you should start to see roots in anywhere from a few days to 2-3 weeks.
Encourage Growth
Now that you've got little roots you can encourage growth by gently pushing the root end of the cutting/leaf into the soil mix. You don't need to bury it - just a gentle tilt will suffice. At this stage you need to be misting your cuttings everyday. Babies can't hold onto moisture like established plants do, so benefit from a little bit of help.
Again, rate of growth can vary between species, but you'd hope to see new growth within a few weeks.
Expect the Shrivel
Cuttings will continue to growth from the original cutting, but if propagating from leaves you will start to notice its deterioration. This is normal!
The original plant will shrivel up - it provides all the nutrients the bab plant requires, so all you have to do is keep misting. Eventually the parent will wither away completely and a brand new plant will have taken its place.
Once your new plant is big enough to comfortably handle you can go ahead and transplant it into its new home.
Looking for cuttings?
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