How to Care For Your Air Plants

Unpacking Your Plant

When your plant arrives unpack it immediately.

If you have purchased a non-bulbous plant give the plant a 20-60 minute soak in water. If you have purchased the bulbous variety, such as Caput Medusa, Bulbosa, and Bailey, give it a liberal spray instead. 


Ideally water your plant with collected rain water. If this isn't possible, day old tap water will do just fine. The chlorine that is present in tap water needs to dissipate before watering your plants with it.

Try and spray your air plants once a week, or give a soak every 1-2 weeks. After soaking a plant you should notice it's very vibrant and green. Remember this, as when it starts to dry out it goes more grey and silvery in colour. Its loss of vibrancy is a good indicator to when the plant needs watering.

Don't let water collect in your plant - Shake it off well

If you leave your air plants with water sitting in them they will unfortunately start to rot and almost certainly die. The trick to good air plant care is to give them a really good shake after each watering.


If you're using rain water exclusively you may not need to fertilise your plant as it will get most of what it needs from the water. If it is not flowering when it should be then you may wish to help it along with fertiliser.

If you're using tap water to care for your plant, or if you're a very diligent keeper, air plant fertiliser is a great shout. The plants love it and it encourages flowering, which is a treat to behold!


Air plants propagate readily, especially with good fertilisation. Baby plants, or pups, grow from the base of the plant. Once they are 1/3 - 1/2 the size of the mother plant simply cut them off. Let them callus for about 3 days before watering. This helps to prevent the plant getting sick.

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